A Point-of-Use water treatment system is installed in an individual source line ahead of any or all of the building’s taps, faucets or other dedicated outlets used to dispense water for drinking, making tea/coffee, cooking or washing of fruits and vegetable. Good POU systems are often expected to capture whatever escapes the POE system. It is also referred to as the final barrier.

POU can refer to several different types of units: plumbed-in units; plumbed-in units with separate faucets for the POU device; faucet-attached units; and faucet-connected counter top units. Plumbed-in units are typically installed under the kitchen sink so as to provide convenient use for drinking and cooking water. It should be emphasized that when such a unit is installed for purposes of compliance with a contaminant regulation, the regular kitchen faucet itself (as well as any other faucet in the house) should only be used for cleaning and washing purposes. Water for cooking or drinking should come only from the tap with the POU device.

Most of the POU drinking water treatment systems comprises of six to nine stages of drinking water purification. These stages are made up of sediment filters, activated carbon filters, reverse osmosis membranes, mineralizing cartridges, water structuralizing cartridges, and alkaline filters.

Specification depends on the condition of water and volume required per day. It is recommended for homes, schools, offices, restaurants, coffee shops, fruit/smoothie shops, hospital, hotels and other organizations where pure water is required.

Kitchen Under Sink Drinking Water Purification Systems

Water Ioniser and Alkaline Water Machines

RO 600 – RO 800
• Produces up to 90 Litres per hour.
• Suitable for where higher volume of pure water is required.

Fresh Water Dispenser
• No bottle required on top.
• Produces three (3) temperatures – hot, cold and room.
• Produces up to 300 Litres per day.

Bottle Refill and Drinking points
• Suitable for public drinking points, common spaces and water vending shops.

Shower and Washing Machine Filters
• The best shower head filters not only eliminate the smell of chlorine but also remove contaminants, improving hair loss and skin irritation. Water filter for a washing machine fits hose removes dirt sediment and chemicals colour stains. Both filters also soften the water in most cases.